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Reveals Secrets So Shocking That Masonic Lodges
Have Threatened To Take This Page Offline...

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simon gray freemason

From: Simon Gray, Freemason

Simon Gray

Dear Friend,

Imagine what you could do if you had access to a freemason's forbidden collection of rare journals and texts. Imagine if these information were previously only known to Master Masons of the highest order...

How much would this secret masonic resource be worth to you? If you're:
  • A member of the Masonic Order
  • Seeking to join a Masonic Lodge
  • Someone who is researching Freemasonry
  • Simply interested in Masonic philisophies and theories.

then listen up closely as this might be the most important letter you'll ever read...

FACT: 99% of All Masons Will Die
Without Knowing Any Of This...

The truth is, 99% of the mason will die without knowing what is really going on at the top. These forbidden secrets are previously only available to Master Masons belonging to the "higher degrees" such as the York Rite and the Royal Order of Scotland...

In his book 'Morals and Dogma' (accepted universally as 'the bible' of Freemasonry) Pike admits: "Masonry like all religions, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead; to conceal the Truth which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it.

I've been a Freemason for more than 25 years and I've spent the last 10 years of my life seeking the truth - All the answers to questions I never dared asked...

What I've discovered completely shocked me. Trust me, this is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Masonic Orders have kept this secret for years... just to keep you away from discovering the lies and myths surrounding freemasonry! So here it is ...

Introducing The "SecretsofMasons"
Featuring The World's Rarest Collection of
120 Out-Of-Print Books, Manuscripts & Journals

Freemasons masonic temple rituals secrets books documents
Be among the rare few to own this highly-exclusive
Ancient Secrets Compendium


Single Largest Collection Of Rare & Out Of Print Masonic, Freemason, Rosicrucian & Knights Templar Books Ever Offered


120+ RARE Books, Manuscripts, Texts, Masonic Journals with over 25,000 pages of never seen before materials and illustrations...

Featuring Books, Masonic Symbols, Secret Masonic Rituals, Novels, Manuscripts, Manuals, Handbooks, Guides, Constitutions and More!

Plus 401 Masonic photographs, slides, posters, certificates, handbooks, postcards, speeches and catalogue pages!

Years of research went into the making of this collection. - Get never-before- published images and seldom-seen documents to give you a privileged view of this elect brotherhood.

Listen carefully: If you're looking for rare & lost freemasonry & masonic texts and journals, look no further. SecretsofMasons Ultimate Compendium provides you with over 120 extremely rare documents, journals & books covering freemasonry and the masonic knights templar.

Quite frankly, these documents aren't available anywhere else in the world and are extremely hard to find. These information are previously only available to Masons of the highest order.

freemasonry symbols freemason lodge freemasons history freemasonry secrets

It gets even better because these books feature esoteric works, handbooks, masonic regalia rituals, constitutions, historical works, centenials & celebrations, rare periodicals, lectures, masonic lodges documents & plenty more. Most of the materials offered here are complete documents, journals and books.

I Will Expose The Closely-Guarded Secrets
Of The World's Oldest Secret Society That
Men Have Been Murdered For Revealing ...

masonic secrets lodges and booksHere's the scenario: Most books and resources that deal with Freemasonry information are complete garbage. They skip over many important parts, or simply contain general re-hashed information.

The truth is, I have spent a ton of time looking online and reading books. Most of them just left me with more questions than answers. This collection blows them away and here's why...

SecretsofMasons explores the darker side of Masonic conspiracies, murder, and world manipulation.

Step inside the lodge, decode the secret symbols, the mason handshake, and delve into the Masonic pagan rites, lodges, secret masonic rituals, covert cousins, and lies. YOU be the judge as you get access and read the actual words of Masonic ceremonies and oaths...

You’ll discover amazing revelations of a heretofore hidden fraternity that men have been murdered by divulging. Let me lay it out for you...

Here are some of the secrets you'll discover:


Ancient masonic rituals that take place within the "lodge"...


Find out if this secret "brotherhood" is really a religion or a cult?

How was the Ark of the Covenant uncovered? What are the items found inside of it?

Who is buried facing the Ark underneath Solomon's Temple?

Discover the true purpose of the great pyramids of Egypt

The secret connection between Washington D.C and Freemasonry

What was found inside the secret vault underneath the Sanctum Sanctorum in Solomon's Temple?

Discover the connection between the masonic order and the occult

The mystery behind the cross of Jesus Christ. - Where was it discovered and was it proven to be authentic?

Hidden identities of historical Masonic members (who include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and George Bush)

Did the Garden of Eden exist? Where is it in the modern world?

Locations of famous Masonic sites in the modern world

Secrets of masonic symbols, rings, handshakes, rituals and more...

Warning: One thing I want you to be clear - Some of these materials are highly controversial and downright shocking. You should only use this information for personal education and with extreme caution.

The Ultimate Treasure Trove of
Masonic Knowledge Ever Created...

masonic regalia rituals freemasonary secretGo behind closed doors with unprecedented access to the secrets of the Masonic Order.

With over 120+ ultra rare books, manuscripts and masonic journals, I will lay out the symbolism, beliefs, and ethos of a Mason and address the considerable amounts of controversy surrounding those practices...

You should know that the Freemasons has been suspected for centuries of plotting to overtake the world, accused of fomenting revolution, and reviled as devil worshippers that stole King Solomon's treasure. The Freemasons claim they're merely a civic-minded fraternity, bound together by harmless rituals. Which is closer to the truth?

You discover the true role Freemasonry has played throughout history, its secrets revealed, its purposes, the functions of its members, the detailed account of its symbols, practices and the way in which it has helped shape our modern society. But thats not all...

"...I Highly Recommend This For Researchers or Freemasons "


"Secrets of Masons" is very revealing. It exposes some of the wonderful insiders secrets about the Freemasons. I was intrigued by the collection of books and its captivating chapters and

there is a gargantuan amount of insider's information here with over 130 out of print books and journals. I especially loved the in-depth coverage on masonic rings.

I've been a freemason for many years yet I'm still blown away by many of the information revealed here.

I highly recommend that you purchase this if you're a researcher or a freemason.

Roy Fleming
San Francisco, CA


Here Is A List Of Some Of The Books Included ...
- 1 The North East Corner
- 2 Who Will Follow In Our Train?
- 3 The History Of The Two Pillars
- 4 Freemasonry & The New Order
- 5 The Third Degree In Freemasonry Its Ornaments and Emblems
- 6 The Pillars Of Freemasonry Their Origin & Meaning
- 7 Masonry's Participation in the Spiritual and Psychological Reconstruction of Those Serving & who Have Served in the Armed Forces
- 8 Fundamental Philosophic Secrets Within Masonry
- 9 Solomon The Founder Of The Temple
- 10 Confusion Is Upon Us
- 11 The Place Of Religion In Freemasonry
- 12 The Meaning of Masonry A Lecture
- 13 Mithraism Freemasonry and the ancient mysteries
- 14 Annihilation Of Freemasonry Study
- 15 The Apron, The Golden Bowl & The Silver Cord
- 16 The Story Of Hiram Abiff
- 17 The Ministry of Masonry
- 18 The Lodge & Its Furniture
- 19 Pythagoras & The Ancient Mysteries
- 20 Masonic Convivialities
- 21 A Program for Peace in an Industrial Age
- 22 Philosophy Of Masonry
- 23 Masonic Legends
- 24 The Romance of Freemasonry
- 25 The Influence Of Men On Masonry
- 26 A Lecture On The Various Rituals Of Freemasonry From The 12th Century
- 27 A Bunch Of Keys - Freemason Illuminati
- 28 Freemasonry & Social England In the 18th Century
- 29 I Saw A Footprint In The Sand
- 30 Masonic Education and Masonic Rings
- 31 Freemasons Lodges Among French Prisoners Of War
- 32 King Solomon's Temple and the Story of the Third Degree
- 33 The Church's Debt To Freemasonry
- 34 The Masonic Order of Chivalry known as the Knights Templar
- 35 Anderson's Constitutions of 1723
- 36 Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism
- 37 Growth & Service Of The Fellowcraft Degree
- 38 The Origin of Freemasonry - Freemason Society
- 39 Rudyard Kipling and Freemasonry
- 40 Gold, Silver, Brass & Iron, The Four Masonic Values In The Euclid Lodge
- 41 The Philosophy Of Masonry
- 42 Freemasonry & The Leaders Of Victorian England
- 43 Freemasonry From AD 1600 To The Grand Lodge Era A Sketch Of The Transition Period
- 44 Communism and Freemasonry
- 45 Possibilities & Means Of Reconciliation Between The Various Masonic Powers Of The World
- 46 - Our Ritual - Origin of Freemasonry
- 46 - Freemasonry History, Lodges and Degrees
- 47 The Duty of the Master In the Government of a Masonic Lodge
- 48 Desagulier and The March of Militant Masonry
- 49 The Templar Orders In Freemasonry, An Historical Consideration of their Origin and development
- 50 Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins
- 51 Items for Masonic Lodge Bulletins
- 52 The Dream Of The Ages
- 53 The Arcane Schools
- 54 The Masonic Manual - Pocket Companion For The Initiated
- 55 Morals & Dogma Of The Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry
- 56 Masonic Ritual and Monitor
- 57 The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
- 58 The Secret Teachings Of All The Ages
- 59 The Symbolism Of Freemasonry
- 60 Secret Ritual Questions
- 61 The Lodge (Wine) Steward
- 62 The Working Tools Of An Old Master
- 63 The Drummer & The Secret Handshake
- 64 Spurious Ecstasy & Ceremonial Magic
- 65 At the Sound of the Gavel
- 66 The Candidates Dream
- 67 Chaptors Of Masonic History
- 68 Mithraism: Freemasonry & The Ancient Mysteries
- 69 Secret Or Not Secret
- 70 Reason & Viseon
- 71 The Mystical Basis Of Freemasonry
- 72 Mason's Duty and Happiness
- 73 Freemasonry and Its Landmarks
- 74 The Symbolism of 1st Degree of Masonry
- 75 Symbolism, The Hiramic Legend, and the Master's Word
- 76 What Is Freemasonry
- 77 The Story Of Freemasonry
- 78 The Alter Of Freemasonry
- 79 Three Things I Know
- 80 Brother Mozard & The Magic Flute
- 81 The Albury Ms. The Static Lodge
- 82 The Mason's confession
- 83 The Wages of an Entered Apprentice
- 84 The Worshipfull Copany Of Masons & Its Connection With Freemasonry
- 85 The Masons Apron
- 86 The Doorway Of Freemasonry
- 87 Determining Recognition
- 88 Freemasonry and the Druids
- 89 The Ashlars & Freemason Handshake
- 90 Whence Come You? And Whither Are You Travelling
- 91 The Mason's Mallet
- 92 Speculative Philosophy, As Unfolded In A Search For A 4th Dimension
- 93 Ancient Religious Traditions & Symbols In Freemasonry
- 94 Towards the Sources of Freemasonry
- 95 The Globes & Secret Masonic Rituals
- 96 King Solomons Temple
- 97 The Ancient Scottish Craft & The 3rd Degree
- 98 Robert Burns - Freemason
- 99 An Explanation of the Third Degree Tracing Board
- 100 Report Of the Grand Historian
- 101 The Roots Of Ritualism In Church & Masonry
- 102 Sketch For The History Of The Dionysian Artificers
- 103 The Statutes for the Government of The Royal Exalted Religious and Military Order of Masonic Knights Templar in England and Wales as Resolved and Agreed on at the Grand Conclave
- 104 The Albury Ms. The Amalgamated Guild
- 105 Brothers & Builders: The Basis & Spirit Of Freemasonry
- 106 The Ceremony of Initiation Analysis and Commentary
- 107 The Lost Keys of Freemasonry
- 108 The Official Monitor
- 109 Ancient & Modern Initiation
- 110 The Meaning Of Masonry
- 111 Masonic Initiation
- 112 The Builders: A Story & Study Of Masonry
- 113 Illustrations Of Masonry
- 114 The Spirit Of Masonry
- 115 The Principles Of Masonic Law
- 116 The Ceremony of Passing
- 117 The Hidden Life in Freemasonry
- & Much More Not Listed!

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It.
Listen To What Others Are Saying...

"...your material is some of
the best I've ever seen...


Simon, your materials is some of the bet I've ever seen as a life-long historian on freemasonry. If you are a Freemason, this offer a unique insight into many aspects of the Craft.

If you are not a Freemason, but have an interest in what goes on in the Lodge you will certainly gain some insight from this collection. SecretsofMasons is a solid addition to your Masonic library.

This is, by far, the largest and most comprehensive freemasonary collection I've ever seen.

Martin Pollock
Sea Cliff, NY


"I couldn't sleep the entire night after reading the first 3 chapters."


"Simon, the controversies and the secrets you've exposed kept me awake the entire night after I've finished just the first 3 chapters. Simply amazing. The next day, I went to

the local Masonic Temple to find out more. Since then, I have met tons of Freemasons locally, from around the United States and the world.

...For the serious Freemason or historian, seeking accurate information , this title is the best one to have. If you can only have one item to buy, buy this one.

Roy Singer
San Antonio, TX


"...the breadth of its content is amazing. Absolutely outstanding! "


"...there is so much in the "SecretsofMasons Compendium" that it is difficult to describe the breadth of its content, and yet for all its amazing content. Many documents

includes great pictures and illustrations. For any Master Mason this is an essential addition to his personal library and to that of the Lodge.

An absolutely outstanding collection!"

Larry Biggs
Fairfax, VA


You see, I’ve helped over 200 educators, researchers and freemasons, discover and unravel facts and myths about freemasonry that they never knew.

Even if you only "scan" these documents once, your perception will be changed forever! This is really powerful stuff...

Why do I say this? Because once you read everything in this compendium, you'll instantly know more than 99% of the so-called "experts" on freemasons and all the false information and conspiracies that is out there.

Claim This Exclusive Bonus If You Order Now...

As if that's not enough, you'll also be glad to know that I'm throwing in an time limited bonus. You'll receive this bonus if you order SecretsofMasons before in 2 days

BONUS: The Secrets of Knights Templar
Actual Value: $149.95

knights templar and freemasons historyYou'll also receive the "Secrets of The Knight Templar" which will reveal the myths and secrets of this legendary military order that time has forgotten.

You will discover:

  • Why were the knights templar forcibly disbanded?

  • What happened to their legacy?

  • One of the most mysterious and tenacious conspiracy questions of history exposed.

  • Where the templars wiped out or did they survive by starting new orders to preserve their secrets?

  • How are they maintaining such a grip on the modern western imagination

You will also learn the stations and duties of the all the degrees conferred in the Royal Arch Chapter and Grand Encampment of Knights Templars...

  • Knights of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Knights Templar
  • Princes of Jerusalem
  • Knights of the Red Cross
  • Knights of the Christian Mark
  • Knights of the Holy Sepulcher.

This is a time-sensitive bonus that is only available to the next 230 21 members ( or before before in 2 days) so order it now before it's gone.

Don't Say "Yes". Just Say "Maybe" & Give It
A Risk-Free Test-Drive For A Full 60 Days!

secretsofmasons money back guaranteeI hate seeing the word "guarantee" everywhere. What is it supposed to mean? Just words. Platitudes to get you to buy. So, I'm making you more than just a guarantee. It's a personal promise to you.

I honestly believe this is the most powerful, intensive and massive collection of Freemasonry materials currently available anywhere else.. I would want the ground to open and swallow me whole if I thought you were disappointed. So here's the deal...

Buy this today. Try it out for a full 60 days. Pull it, twist it, take notes and discover all the secrets. If you feel it really wasn't worth the investment, just return the product, and I will deposit your payment right back into your account. It's my 60-day — risk-free, love-it-or-leave-it, full money-back personal promise.

But Simon, How Much Will This Cost Me?

Before I tell you how to buy and answer your burning question of "how much?", I'd like to know how much it would cost to buy the hard copies of the books in this collection (assuming you could find them)

Take a look at what some of the long out-of-print books in this library are selling for:

  • Mackey, Albert G. -Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Vol I. II - $265.00
  • Mackey, Albert G. - A Lexicon of Freemasonry - $82.00
  • Manly P. Hall - The Secret Teachings of All Ages - $49.99
  • Jeremy Cross - The True Masonic Chart - $104.00
  • Macoy, Robert - The Masonic Manual - $57.00
  • Gould, Robert - The History of Freemasonry Vol. I-IV (Four Volumes) - $599.00

Do the math: It would cost over $1150 for just these 6 books! And the total value of the entire collection of the SecretsofMasons Ultimate Compendium would literally run you into the TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars!

But no, I am not charging that price. It does not create sensible value for anyone. Here is the good news...

Your Dinky One-Time Investment
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For obvious reasons, I'm only offering this for a limited number of people. I've decided to only release SecretsofMasons Ultimate compendium and the Knights of Templar bonus to the first 230 people only.

Like I said before, this is a *time-limited* offer and as soon as the first 230 orders are sold, this offer will be removed.

I've got my eye on it like a hawk, and when we reach that point, I'll withdraw this offer FOREVER and not apologize for it.

So if you want it, buy today because it simply might not be available next week. Think about it...

in 2 day Update:
230 119 67, 21 Copies Left

That's another reason why I'm severely limiting the number of copies floating around. I just don't want just anyone to get privy to the information in SecretsofMasons

Sure, I could continue to sell the this after 230 people. But I want to make it prohibitive and available only to serious customers. In fact, after 230 copies I'll likely raise the price to $697 or even higher!

That's why I want to reach that limit as quickly as possible. To do so, we're prepared to
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I'm almost giving away the next 230 packages, along with the $149.90 worth of extra bonuses for a one-time fee of only...$37!
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Here Is What You Need To Do:

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GreencheckYES Simon, I Want To Discover
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freemason order lodge degree freemasonry secrets
  • I understand I'll get the SecretsofMasons Ultimate Compendium CD-ROM for the PC (Mac compatible too) that contains over 120+ of the world's rarest books, journals, manuscripts and masonic texts with over 25,000 pages of out-of-print, never-seen-before materials and illustrations

  • I will receive it in via airmail, for a tiny one-time price of $37...before this offer is gone forever.
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  • I also understand that a package that contains such massive information at this price is not available anywhere else in the market.

  • Plus there's absolutely zero-risk to me because this is backed by a full 60 days 100% money-back guarantee.

On that basis, let me order SecretsofMasons for $37 before it's too late-

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in 2 day Update: Only 230 119 67, 21 Copies Left



Simon Gray

Simon Gray

PS: Remember, you'll get access to world's rarest masonic compendium ever seen. It contains over 120+ books, journals, manuscripts with over 25,000 pages of materials and images for only $37. Click here to reveal the secrets now »

PPS: I am taking all the risk so you have got nothing to lose.  I am 110% sure you will be happier than a 5 year old on Christmas morning with your package. But if for any reason you are not, no worries. Your investment is guaranteed for a full 60 days.

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"If You're A Freemason,
Don't Walk. Run To Pick This Up!


"...There are a lot of good reasons to buy Simon's product. But the thing that really jumped out at me is the section on symbolism. That is what completely sold me.

I am recommending it to all who come into my study circles. If you're a Freemason... get this product. Don't and pick this up. You will not be disappointed. No ifs, no ands, no buts. Just get it!

Adam Simmons
Raleigh, NC

Order SecretsofMasons
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Note: I'm so sure you'll be delighted, I'll even pay to ship to your door
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Order SecretsofMasons
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simon gray freemason

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