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What Are Masonic Rings Really?

Masonic rings are the rings by ‘Free Mason’ followers or believers. Worn on the right hand, many famous celebrities and visionaries wear Masonic Rings ranging from Mozart to Obama.

The Masonic rings bear a crest or design mostly of a square or the compasses. By wearing this ring the Free Mason is promising to live their life full of virtues and good tidings with the quest for knowledge of life. There are different Grand Lodges within the Free Mason community that is governed by its own leaders so each crest and design might be slightly different but still posses the square and compass idea.

Each crest is kept secret so others cannot know the secret words and teachings of the free masons. This ring is the promise each Mason takes in protecting the teachings and knowledge of the beliefs of free masons.

Masonic Shrine Ringsmasonic shrine rings freemasonry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do Master Masons wear these rings?

A: To be forever bound to your obligation, which is your solemn promise, made of your own free will, before the Great Architect of the Universe, as well as your family, friends and brothers signifying your true and heartfelt desire to be forever bound in unity with the fraternity.

What is it about a Masonic ring that provides this emotional feeling of wholeness, of stability, and inner completeness which each man craves in his very soul?

The Eternity of the Circle: Marriage, too, is the heartfelt promise before the Great Architect to be forever bound in unity with another. Marriage is a legal and emotional bond which ties 2 people together before their family, friends and our Creator,...but it is only in the act of the promise that true marital unity begins.

Therefore, within Freemasonry, the only thing that sets a Freemason apart from other men is his heartfelt desire, his promise,...his oath...his obligation,...his word... which bonds him to the fraternity...because he is, technically, free to leave the fraternity at any time he so chooses. As our Creator has bestowed Free Will upon each of us, so, too, does the fraternity.

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Seal of Authenticity: Your Masonic ring is an outward sign of your authenticity as a Master Mason within the brotherhood.

The Promise: Therefore, as you can see, it is only in the act of the "promise" before the Creator from which brotherhood derives its true strength and beauty.

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Q: How should I wear my Masonic ring?...with the points of the legs of the Compasses facing toward me or with the points of the legs facing away from me?...which is correct?

A: This question is, apparently, one of the most frequently requested items of information that is asked of M.S.A.N.A. (Masonic Service Association of North America). Their response is that it may be worn either way. ..the 2 points of the compasses may point to the brother to remind him of his obligation or the 2 points of the compasses may point toward others to show an outward sign of the wearer's authenticity as a Master Mason.

Q: Which symbol is most commonly found upon the face of a Masonic Lodge ring and why?

A: The Square and Compasses. The symbols of the square and compasses denote several Masonic ideologies, but historically...somewhat analogous (like) to Boaz and Jachin, they symbolize 2 triangles, one pointing upward into theHeavens toward our Creator, and one pointing downward toward Earth..and to man, our Creator's creation.

The Most Beautiful Masonic Rings
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Masonic Shrine Ringsmasonic shrine rings freemasonry

32nd Masonic Degree Scottish Rings32nd Degree Rings Masonic Scottish

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